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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Sunday's Moan & Groan. #6

What is it with tv channels sometimes actually trying to find something decent to watch is downright impossible & we have Sky t.v!

If a miracle happens & I find a series I like the channel showing it will either show it out of sequence, miss episodes out or just stop showing it for no apparant reason. Surely if you are going to buy a series & show it on your channel it is logical to show it in sequence?

Robin works most nights so my company once my son has gone to bed is either the p.c or the t.v. The majority of nights I don't even turn the t.v on because the shows I like are ALL repeats usually from the previous week. They don't even give enough time between showing for me to forget the plotline.

We pay £15 a month for our Sky package & much of the time it's pointless. I admit there's lots of channels I wouldn't otherwise get to watch but it's probably two or three hours a week of new programming the rest is either junk or repeats & I'm sick of it.

I want value for my money.

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