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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sunday Moan & Groan. #5.

I am sick & tired of Britney, Paris & Lindsey, they are everywhere I look magazines, tv, radio even the news. While they may be great for rehabilitation centres I don't see why they have to be plastered everywhere specially as they aren't exactly what you would call "good role models".

There are many "celebrities" who are famous for being famous, they aren't especially talented, they haven't invented or campaigned for anything meaningful & they aren't even famous for having a nice face to look at their fame now seems to emanate from silly, illegal and / or immature behaviour & I worry for my son when I see this behaviour applauded & talked about everywhere. What type of girl will my son think is ok when he gets older? Will it be some hell raiser out all night drinking, partying & taking drugs, someone whose only real interest is how much she can shame herself & her parents or will it be a decent, caring girl who I can happily sit with & embarrass Marshall by showing her his childhood photos? I really hope it's the latter but these "hell-raiser" girls are constantly touted & in all the magazines even those aimed at young teens so I'm not too sure if they may not be the type of girl my son will want so he will look "cool"

Heaven help me, I already know I'm going to hate any girl my son brings home & he's only three years old, how I'm going to handle one like those three I dread to think.

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